Programme 1 (04/07/2012)

Programme 1 aired on TVM (04/07/2012)

Film: The Parents

Director: Fernando Tiberini

Country: Switzerland

Synopsis: Flavia and Marcello play with dolls that bear an uncanny resemblance of their parents. The boy buries a doll in the cemetery. The parents are forced to reveal their secret.

Film: Millimetri

Director: Sean Aquilina

Country: Malta

Synopsis: The target is a huge diamond belonging to a very wealthy man. All went very well, and the thieves could even feel the diamond in their hands, until something very unexpected happens during the robbery.

Film: Their Youth

Director: Jessica Rosselet

Country: France

Synopsis: This morning could have been like any other morning for Gisela, a young Roma teenager, and her brother Jacob. Their camp lives in fear, because they are about to be evicted.